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Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

     “Thanks so much for the outstanding job you did on my website. It’s just what I had envisioned. The process of working with you was a pleasure. You listened, you were creative, you communicated effectively and promptly, and even made me laugh!  Love having a site that I can edit so easily. Also got great feedback from someone yesterday about how easy it is to navigate. I am one very pleased customer!”

— Jamie Sussel Turner
leadership and communication coach

     “You’re fantastic!  In updating my website, you gave me everything I asked for and more. Thanks to you, I now have a clean, modern looking website that is not only much more functional than before but extremely beautiful to look at as well.”

— David Brickman
actor and voiceover artist

     “Thanks so much!  I am very happy with the site. You were a pleasure to work with on what I know was more challenging than either of us anticipated!”

— Gael Schaefer
actor and fight choreographer

     “Thank you for all your help and patience [in getting the Rosa Mountain House Quilting Retreats website launched]. Webster defines ‘patience’ as ‘the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.’  You do patience so well.”

— Patricia Rosa
textile designer and proprietor of Rosa Mountain House Quilting Retreats and

     “I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Chris who masterminded the design and mechanics of [my] site. Over many hours he patiently and thoughtfully considered and then cleverly wove together a thousand elements, creating charming, effective ways to display my work on the web. He made the often tortuous process of creating a website a pleasure.”

— Sally Schneider
creator of ‘the improvised life’ lifestyle blog and award–winning cookbook author and

     “I am the Patricia Youngquist that Chris is referring to in his ‘section’ on collateral, and I must confess that he is quite generous to use the ‘we’ pronoun when he states that ‘we realized visitors would likely be interested in perusing a brochure of the impressionist and kaleidoscopic photo art at their leisure. Thus were the two gallery catalogs born.’  I cannot take credit for the idea of the catalogs, though the idea for them most likely came out of one of our many conversations—which brings me to one of Chris’s greatest talents, and that is listening.
      It is one thing to have mastered the visual and technical aspects of web–design and to create related business materials as Chris has certainly done, but it is quite another to be an attentive and intuitive listener. It is not always easy to articulate one’s vision of their own work, and Chris has a special gift for formulating ideas based on what people tell him without imposing.
      I am very blessed to know him personally and professionally. His taste and standards are impeccable, and I highly recommend him both as a web–designer and collateral material creator.”

— Patricia Youngquist
photo artist and creator of ‘The Last Leaf Gardener’ lifestyle blog and

     “I found Chris by clicking through, easily 100 other artists’ web sites on Workbook, and e–mailing three or four that I liked. One referred me to Chris. Depending on your needs, he can do it all:  scanning, retouching, layout, design, search engine optimization. He understood everything that I wanted and, having worked at a photo agency himself, was even able to give me advice on images. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

— Kathy Kalfut
freelance fashion stylist;

     “I am a beauty photographer who has been in the business for over 15 years. I met Chris a few years ago and asked him to work on my site. His work is amazing. He has taken my images and created a beautiful, simple, and user friendly site to showcase my work. Chris is talented, easy to work with and super creative. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for an amazing web designer.”

— Nicolai Grosell
commercial beauty, still life, portrait, and travel photographer;

     “Chris has been a joy to work with on my website. He is very patient and offers a refined taste visually and verbally in design. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a designer who will produce exactly what you need.”

— Kay Prothro, MSW
psychotherapist and life coach;

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