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Let’s face it:  Marketing collateral is one of the most important promotional tools in the communications arsenal of every business.  Whether your enterprise is service oriented or product driven, you will need to produce some form of collateral.  I can either work with you to create it, or I can execute it to your specifications.

Generally speaking, collateral is any printed document that describes, defines, expands, or enhances the services and/or products of your business, including its brand identity.  Brand identity is simply some combination of visual components — name, logo or other symbol(s), tag line, colors, typeface, etc. — which sets your business apart from that of your competitors.

Marketing collateral encompasses a wide range of printed materials produced by or for an organization:

  • sales brochures, catalogs, newsletters, press releases, and media kits
  • fact sheets, presentation slides, and corporate reports (including mission statements, management biographies, and white papers)
  • stationery (letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels), note cards, business cards, complimentary cards, and slip sheets
  • fliers, marketing letters and direct mail pieces, and leaflets

Effective promotional collateral will help you stand out in the marketplace.  To check out some of the collateral that I have created, click the link below.

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Comp Card & Client List for Nicolai Grosell

Nicolai Grosell Comp Card and Client List

Art buyers and photo editors are just a few of the many people who follow the career of photographer Nicolai Grosell.  In general, every professional working in the commercial and editorial marketplace tries to keep reference files on as many photographers as possible.  Formerly, they would request to review a portfolio and update their files by retaining a current comp card tucked into the back.  In today’s fast–paced market, however, more and more such reviews are conducted online.  As Nicolai and I were finishing the updates to his website, we decided to incorporate the traditional “leave behinds” as printable PDF files easily downloaded from his site.  A full–sized version of Nicolai’s comp card [above left] can be found here, and his client list [above right] is available here.

Redesigning Business Card & Creating Promotion Card for Tom Grail

Before and After: Tom Grail business card
I’ve known actor/director/teacher Tom Grail for several years, and one day after a networking meeting we had attended, I noticed that a small stack of his new business cards had gotten left behind.  So I scooped them up, brought them home, and sent him an email to say that I would return them to him.  But as I started to put them away for safe–keeping, I couldn’t help but notice just how much information was crammed onto that small, 3.5” x 2” card.  A very small font made it hard to locate the most important information, and I realized that the business card was trying to do double duty as a contact card and a promo card.  

Partly as an exercise and partly as a favor for my friend, I decided to redesign his business card and create a stand alone promo card.  First, I concentrated on editing the business card.  I pulled out the primary contact data and let it flow logically in the space while trying to retain some of the original design concepts.  Next, I retouched the headshot, to bring out the background and Tom’s upper body, and added a border to establish a bit of separation.  I choose a warm gray background and gave the outside border just a little extra weight to the content frame.  (You will also notice a tad more padding to keep the text from running into the border.)  To finish the makeover, I created a larger, scalable promo card [below] which incorporates the same information from the original business card but now allows that text to breathe.

If you are interested in learning more about Tom and his acting workshop, I encourage you to visit his website

Tom Grail promotion card

Catalogs for Patricia Youngquist Photo Art

Catalogs for Patricia Youngquist Photo Art

As part of re–branding as an exclusive, Internet only art gallery that also sells high–end greeting cards, we realized visitors would likely be interested in perusing a brochure of the impressionist and kaleidoscopic photo art at their leisure.  Thus were the two gallery catalogs born.  The multi–page documents offer an illustrated listing of each work in the respective gallery as well as pricing and purchasing information.  The original InDesign documents were converted to PDFs that can be viewed online or sent from the browser to the visitor’s printer.  The Black & White Collection Catalog may be found here, and the Kaleidoscopic Collection Catalog is here.  We also created The Card Shoppe Price List, a third document focusing on the greeting card collection, which can be viewed or printed here.

Promotional Flier for Avayar

Color and Gray Scale versions of promotional flier for Avayar

My fabulous friend, Avayar, had decided to pursue extra income by offering her formidable skills as a writer and editor, and she wanted information on how to advertise this skill set.  Naturally, one inexpensive solution was to post a flier anywhere that her targeted market would likely see it — bulletin boards in community centers, apartment buildings, classrooms, dorms, etc.  Not sure how to create one herself, I told her to draft what she wanted the flier to say and I would design it for her.  I incorporated her photo (which gave us the color scheme), and I also produced a black & white version in the event she needed that option.  [NOTE:  The contact information on this illustration has been removed as Avayar is no longer pursuing writing and editorial commissions.]

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My fees for marketing collateral are a bit more pre–defined than for website based project, but here again I am more than willing to work with you if you come to me with a budget.

Final Terms and Conditions will be stated in full in all formal quotes.  For more information, please call or send an email to set up a consultation which is the first step in developing your cost estimate.

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